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PROTEX is a subsidiary of PROTEX INTERNATIONAL which develops, produces and markets auxiliary products for industrial use in textile applications in France and in international markets

PROTEX has an important R&D Centre located at one of the main manufacturing plants in Auzouer-en-Touraine, in Indre et Loire, but there are also other R+D Centres  abroad located in  Korea, China, Thailand, and Brazil.

PROTEX has a strategy of cross-fertilization » which allows each innovative development to be evaluated and considered for use and application in various different markets apart from textiles.

PROTEX possesses a deep knowledge base and expertise via manufacturing and researching a wide range of products for the textile industry in the following segments: auxiliaries for preparation, dyeing and printing, finishing and products for coating and the technical textiles and for « denim »…

Founded in 1932, PROTEX INTERNATIONAL is an independent French industrial group, which develops, produces and markets chemical specialties in numerous industrial sectors.

Initially, the company specialized in the auxiliary products for the textiles and this “know how” was used to develop and grow in various other industrial sectors such as : agriculture, food processing industry, fine chemicals, specialties, electronics, paper, flavourings and fragrances, paints and coatings, textile, water treatment….

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL has developed thanks to an important diversification in niche markets using its expertise in chemistry and a strong culture of   internationalization, and now has more than 20 subsidiaries abroad and a vast network of international distributors.

Its capacity of innovation and its skill base in manufacturing and synthesis of products, polymers and formulations – allows PROTEX INTERNATIONAL to form partnerships with key customers in developing new products, which are technologically advanced and also more ecological.

Today, PROTEX INTERNATIONAL has many of the leading International Companies and Groups as customers in each of the main industrial sectors